Unveiling the 5 W’s of Search Engine Optimization

 Unveiling the 5 W’s of Search Engine Optimization

Green Genie SEO knows that there are some business owners who have heard of SEO but are still clueless as to what it is all about. To ensure that you make the most out of their SEO services, Green Genie SEO shares the 5 W’s of SEO.


Who are your customers and who are they when they go online? What type of websites do they visit often? How do they go about with their research process?  What type of content are they looking for? Are they influencers or decision makers in the organization they belong to? When you know more about the people you want to reach out to, the better you will be able to build your SEO strategy to meet their expectations and needs.


What kind of answers are customers searching for online? What problems and pain points do they have? What are they struggling with when it comes to customer acquisition? Being aware of the needs and wants of your customers can help you in coming up with better content, which is exactly what search engines use to point the right customers to your website.

What do customers expect to find every time they go to your website? SEO doesn’t end the moment your searcher reaches your site. You have to continue guiding them through the process of onsite buying and make a searcher turn to a lead then a customer. A bad site can quickly run a great SEO program and turn off what could have been qualified leads.


When do customers care about the services you offer? Every business has a season. This might not be as obvious as the Christmas tree farms yet people care more about your products or services at specific months of the year compared to others. It is a must to know to avoid panicking when traffic goes low one month. This doesn’t mean that you have a failing SEO program. It just means that there are lesser people searching for what you offer at that exact moment.


Where do your target customers live and stay online? It is important to your long-term link-earning and link-building program as these links serve as doorways to your website. You have to ensure that your brand and your site is well-presented in the places where your potential customers go to. What type of blogs are they reading? What sites do they go to when they have some questions regarding their industry? When you know where potential customers are, you will be able to create your SEO program that will put your site right before their eyes.


You might think that why is the fifth W but it is a must to mention how, too. How people search is essential since not understanding how people search for details about your products or services. No matter what your audience is calling you or what you prefer to be called, you have to know how people are searching.

Once you nail down the answers to these five 5 W’s, you can come up with an effective SEO plan with the experts from GreenGenieSEO.com.